My Story

Hi, my name is Amy Graves and I was born in Pottstown Pennsylvania. I grew up all over the country and found myself making my home in Elko, Nevada. I have one daughter, and have lots of cats, mostly rescues from shelters in Southern California. One of my big dreams is to run a cat rescue and am currently running a TNR operation with my family for homeless and feral cats in my community called HFNE which stands for "Helping Ferals In Need, Elko ".( TNR-Trap Neuter Return ) TNR is a humane way to stop the overpopulation problem by trapping homeless cats, gettting them to a vet and getting them spayed or neutered and their rabies vaccinations and returning them to their colonies.  

I plan on doing many fundraisers, with a percentage of my commissions going to animal rescue charities, as well, as to research for diseases such as Sarcoidosis. I was diagnosed with this disease this myself in 2009 and would love to see a cure be found for this mystery disease.  I will try to change my fundraisers every month or two, depending how things are going. 

I decided to become a Scentsy consultant because I fell in love with their products. I have had a hard time with my illness being partially in my lungs trying to find products that dont set me off into asthma attacks and I have found that this one has been perfect for me! I hope that you will also enjoy Scentsy as much as I do! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my little story.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!